The Inbetweeners Movie (2011)

Director: Ben Palmer
Cast: Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas

When I heard there was going to be an Inbetweeners movie, my first instinct was to think it was going to be painfully mediocre. It’s not that I dislike The Inbetweeners, I think it’s hilarious despite myself. However, a film based on a TV show is just a tricky thing to nail and more often than not it’s just a long episode, which can be tedious. In this respect, The Inbetweeners Movie is indeed a lot like a long episode, but mercifully, it isn’t tedious.

The plot:
After Simon (Thomas) has been dumped by Carli, the supposed love of his life, he and the lads, Will (Bird) the awkward intellectual, Jay (Buckley) the self promoting sex pest, and Neil (Harrison) the perpetually happy dullard, decide to go on holiday. Cue unfortunate scenes of public nudity, projectile vomiting, and a desperate search for “klunge” on the sun soaked isle of Crete.

Skipping to the chase, The Inbetweeners Movie is everything you could possibly hope it to be. It is every bit as hilarious as any of the best episodes from the show. It captures the essence of that universal right of passage, the first holiday abroad without parents, and encapsualtes beautifully everything that could possibly go wrong in one hilarious episode after another.

It manages to differentiate itself from the TV show well enough by including a few impressive helicopter shots and a bit of slow motion. Yet it does still feel like a long episode, whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is a matter of opinion. In one area it cannot be faulted is the humour. It is juvenile, admittedly, but still gut bustingly funny!

Everyone gets an appropriate amount of screen time, with none of the four lads being shunned to one side in favour of someone else. As always, they work brilliantly well together, and it is even a little bit touching at times, with the underlined message of friendship. Will still narrates in the film, which is where he gets most of his laughs in (“Each wearing matching shirts, we got to the airport, looking like the world’s shittiest boy band”). Jay supplies some of the most quotable lines in comedy history, of which will certainly be yelled at parties and in night clubs for months to come. Simon stills does his panicky humour quite well, and Neil’s depraved insanity really runs rampant while abroad.

It’s not really necessary to have seen the TV show to fully enjoy the film. There are some throwaway references to past events, and the relationship between Simon and Carli, which has been simmering for the past three series, finally gets wrapped up suitably. It is somewhat ironic that a film that abounds with shitting on floors, naked pubescent young men and ants eating Jays face, actually has a warm message and wraps up the TV show so nicely.


The Inbetweeners Movie is a teen comedy that is essentially the antichrist to Glee: The 3D concert. It’s as rude and crude as ever, with plenty of cringe-worthy moments and set ups that will have you laughing out loud constantly. It’s surprising that it’s as neat as it actually is, somewhat emblematic of the boys finally growing up. However, they don’t accomplish this until the film’s end credits, and it’s a long and vomit lined path to the finish line.

Awful Rating: 8/10

“This girl is so wet for me, I can hear the waves breaking in her fanny” – Jay

Shamelessly Awful Facts:

  • Not since The Dark Knight have I ever seen a cinema as packed as it was when I went to see this on Saturday night. Despite arriving more or less on time, myself and my friends had to sit on a step for the duration of the film, and we considered ourselves bloody lucky for it. Seat Wankers…
  • If it wasn’t for my college course requiring me to do a study on the portrayals of youth in the media, I may have never discovered The Inbetweeners. Study and “klunge” became synonymous for about three weeks…
  • Some kid asked me if I would buy him a ticket for the film while we were waiting in the queue. Normally against this kind of thing, I deduced from his bleached hair and track suit bottoms that he probably knew every swear word in the film, and would probably be a father by the end credits, if he wasn’t already. That said, I still didn’t buy him the ticket

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