Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus

Developer: Oddworld Inhabitants
Platform(s): PS1, PC
Release Date(s): Nov 1998

Another visit to everybody’s favourite Oddworld!
More Sligs, more Mudokans, more violent deaths, and, naturally, more farting.

The Set up:
Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus picks up seconds from where Abe’s Oddysee left off. Abe has just returned to his people, having saved them all from turning into gooey snacks in Rupture Farms meat processing plant. However, no sooner has he gotten home, Abe has a vision of some dead Mudokan’s, begging him for help. So he and a few hand-picked Mudokans journey across the desert to Soulstorm Brewery, another institution run by the villainous Glukkons of the previous game, in order to save his tribesmen and set the dead to rest.

Exoddus is essentially Oddysee, only twice as big and marginally better. That’s right. Marginally. Not margarine. Marginally.

The adventure now spans two disks, will probably take twice as long, and there are now three times as many Mudokans to find. It handles the exact same as before, running, jumping, talking, etc. However, it has been finely tweaked to make gameplay more enjoyable.

There are now one or two extra abilities in the game for more varied gameplay. Most interesting of these abilities is…I never thought I would write a sentence like this…the ability to possess your own farts. Drinking some Soulstorm brew, a drink made from Mudokan’s tears, now allows Abe’s farts to become explosive (EXPLOSIVE!!) and by possessing them, you can make them explode where you like. This is an example of some of the humour in the game.

There are also extra enemies in this sequel, but, unfortunately, they are not as original as in the previous game. New enemies include the Sloggie (a puppy version of the dog-like Slog), flying Sligs, Fleeches (a carnivorous worm creature), and Greeters, which are essentially mobile motion detectors. All the new additions are simply variants of the original creatures, except the Fleeches, which, being just an attacking worm, doesn’t feel all that original.

Still, all the creatures from the former game are present, and they still impress. Glukkons now make appearances in the gameplay and can be possessed for yet more complex puzzles. The puzzles themselves are more difficult that in Oddysee, but this is made far more bearable by the ability to QuikSave. This basically means that you can make a checkpoint wherever you like and is a welcome relief considering the increased difficulty.

The gloomy steam punk world looks far more textured than in the original, and it is here that Exoddus makes its biggest leap. The world feels more lived in and three-dimensional. Characters talk far more than they did in the original and the humour plays a far bigger role. The cut scenes in which Sligs and Mudokkan’s talk about Abe, the ‘terrorist’, breaks up the game nicely.


As mentioned, Exoddus is, by and large, the same game again, only far bigger and slightly better. It improves on the formula established in the original, but doesn’t make any major strides whatsoever. If you enjoyed the original, this is no bad thing, though it feels a little cheap to simply give more puzzles and little else. Still, it is nonetheless the better game and if you were to only play one of the two, this should be it.

Awful Rating: 7.5/10

Hello. Hello. Follow Me. Ok.” – The most commonly heard noise in the game.

Shamelessly Awful Facts:

  • I have only one Shamelessly Awful Fact about this game, but it’s pretty bad…
    Myself and a few friends were at a house party once, in which pretty much everyone got exceedingly drunk. Everyone was eventually thrown out when a fight broke out, resulting in its two participants falling down the stairs, breaking a chair, and, somehow, getting shampoo everywhere. As myself and a friend were walking home, I complained that the night had ended too early. In response, my friend just smiled, reached into his trousers, and pulled out a copy of Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus that wasn’t his.

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