5 Things that annoyed me about Prometheus

!!Warning!! This article contains spoilers about the film. Do not read this unless you have seen the film or do not care about having the ending ruined!

  • The Space Jockey dies in the wrong place!!
    I mean, what the bloody hell?!! The whole reason that this film is made is so that we can figure out who the Space Jockey is.
    Everyone remembers that scene, where they walk into the control room and see that elephantine creature sitting before his gun turret.
    Yet for some reason, Scott saw fit to have him die several miles East of where he is seen in the Alien film!
    How did no one spot this on the crew?! The only reasonable explanation for this is that, perhaps, Scott is planning yet another film……but what a terrible mistake to make, I mean, come ON!
  • And while we’re on the subject, the Space Jockey SUCKS!  It turns out that the model we see in Alien is just a set of armor. In actual fact, he is a lumbering giant that doesn’t get a single line and looks stunningly similar to a CGI giant human being. It doesn’t even compare to Gigers eerily beautiful Xenomorph creation.
  • And while we’re on that subject, a mural on the wall clearly depicts an Xenomorph. This would be fine, hell this would be a good thing, if it were subtle. But it isn’t. It’s bloody huge for everyone to see. The Aliens haven’t even been created at this stage, so what the hell is it doing on a simply enormous wall drawing for all to see?!
  • And one more thing. At the very end of the film, a Xenomorph clearly crawls out of the Engineer. It isn’t fully evolved yet, so it looks like a teenage version of itself. So, what the hell are we supposed to take from this? Maybe that this is the Alien that lays all of the eggs we see at the beginning of Alien? Annoyingly, this is just about feasible, but with the rest of the film being so lax, it just feels like a lazy slap-it-on-the-end to keep the fans happy thing.
  • This is a minor issue compared to everything else, but still…the alien space ship lands a bit on its side when it crashes. When the crew enter it first, all the rooms are the right way up. When the Nostromo crew enter it in Alien, they are still the right way up. Sure, this is a film that has us believe that Aliens exist, but so do the laws of bloody physics!
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  1. I’ve been told this already, and I think it is an extremely cheap cop out.
    Considering how many people have made the same mistake, it comes down to bad explanation.
    On top of that, making such incredibly similar events, in a more or less identical location? It seems pretty obvious to me that it was originally LV426, they realised the mistakes they’d made, and changed the planet at the last minute

  2. Prometheus takes place on LV223. Alien Takes place on LV426. Planetoids in the same system, but not the same planet so the Jockey in Alien is not the same Jockey from Prometheus, just another sucker killed by the Xenomorphs on another jockey/engineer base planet.

  3. […] the net is beyond me. I am speaking calmly now, but for a full on rant on this outrage, click here. Beware, massive […]

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