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Brave – Review

Director(s): Brenda Chapman, Mark Andrews and Steve Purcell
Starring: Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson
Released: Aug 3, 2012

Click Here for Brave official trailer

Now sure, this is a little late in the game. After all, Brave has been out for nearly a month at this stage, and most people have made up their minds about the film. The sole purpose of this review is simply to banish any negativity you have heard associated with the film and to urge you to go see it in case you haven’t. Go. Go now! Och aye the noo! (more…)

American Gods (by Neil Gaiman) – Review

Before I review this book, I think it should be explained why I decided to read it (and also why you should as well).

Neil Gaiman, as an author, has been floating about my field of vision for several years now, but I have never really paid too much attention to him before. My first run-in was when I read Good Omens, a collaborative work between himself and the almighty Terry Pratchett. The novel is effortlessly charming and wonderfully memorable for its themes and witty dialogue. However, as I was such an avid Pratchettite, I stubbornly assumed this was entirely due to ‘ol Terry, the writer of the impossibly diverse and epic Discworld series. As such, the name Neil Gaiman faded from memory. (more…)

The Sly Collection – Review

Developer(s): Sucker Punch Productions, Sanzaru Games
Platform: PS3
Release Date: Dec 2010

Click Here for The Sly Collection trailer

Not so long ago, while discussing the Hercules TV series and half-woman/half-spider hybrid creatures, the topic of the Sly Raccoon games came up in conversation. I nonchalantly confessed that I had never played them. The reply to aforementioned confession was “Dude! You’re totally missing out. Like, dude. Totally……dude. Dude!”

Despite the questionable use of 90s slang, I decided that, seeing as good platformer games are hard to come by these days, I should probably give it a shot. Just to see if it would live up to my high Jak-and-Daxter, Spyro-the-Dragon standards.
Well, it isn’t quite up there with those classics. However, the cel-shaded adventures of this looting raccoon are the perfect remedy for those longing for some retro platforming action and simple fun. (more…)

Adam’s Rib – Review

Director: George Cukor
Starring: Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, Judy Holliday, Tom Ewell and David Wayne
Released: Nov 18, 1949

Click Here for Adam’s Rib trailer

The concept and tone of a romantic comedy, since the release of films such as When Harry Met Sally, has more or less been cemented. They are often whimsical, melodramatic, and with a lot more focus on the comedy than the romance. This last point is becoming more and more emphasized with each passing year, with many modern onscreen couples showing little or no chemistry. Yet, because they have a knack for screwball humor, they seem to be able to sidestep this obstruction. As such, it took me some time to figure out what genre Adam’s Rib fell under. It is a romantic comedy, but not the kind modern audiences would probably be used to. (more…)