My Last Post (for a while)

I have to go now. My home planet needs me…

I will never forget the immortal words uttered by Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act 2: “If you wake up in the morning, and all you can think about is writing, then you’re a writer.”
There is the possibility she was paraphrasing somebody else.
I choose to ignore this.
And it’s not that I personally wake up thinking about writing in the mornings.
Most mornings I wake up thinking either “Noodles, I slept in again”, or “Balderdash, I really wish I had a different job”.

But the point is thus:
Writing all of these Shamelessly Awful Reviews was a wonderful escape, a way for me to vent some creative steam, and also to show off all of the really big words that I know.
But it has also distracted me from some really important work that I should have been doing.

Come September, I will be beginning a new college course and, on top of some other projects I plan to begin working on (not least of all my giant chocolate dinosaur sculptures), I will simply no longer have the time or energy to contribute to this blog. I will at a later stage, hopefully, but not right now. My new projects will require a lot more care and consideration before I even contemplate sharing them with the online world. Don’t be sad, look, look at this baby rabbit!

This rabbit also acts as a convenient metaphor. He represents society, and the blanket he is chewing on represents a blanket…. as well as creativity in general. What benefit the rabbit is gaining from chewing on the blanket is unclear. Having a distinct lack of cognitive skills, the blanket itself finds it especially mind-boggling and difficult to comprehend. And yet the rabbit happily continues to do so, indifferent to the effect it has on the blanket, or the blankets owner.

To those people with creative talent, it is your duty to share it with others:
If you write a short story about hedgehogs,
if you draw a picture of a rocking chair,
if you write a song about the smell of buttercups,
if you photograph the shadow of a friend,
if you film a day in the life of a cloud: tell people about it.

Because no matter how you may feel about your own achievements, whether you are afraid that it won’t matter to anyone or that it just isn’t good enough to share with others, remember:
Your vision is a blanket.
Blankets are for sharing.
And if you let a rabbit near it, they will always happily chew on it 🙂

Thank you, everyone, for reading my work.

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  1. We’ll miss you. Luckily I’m new to your blog, so I have a nifty backlog to work through.

  2. I’m in a bind here- I am very saddened by the understandable focussing on non-blog things for a while because I like your blog a lot. I also had to like this post because you included a picture of a tiny rabbit and I like the encouraging message included. Also, I like blankets.

    Overall, yay to the rabbits, blankets and writing and sad face to the farewell.

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