Chrono Trigger – Review


Developer: Square

Platforms: Super Nintendo, PS1, DS

Release Date: Mar 1995

I get the strange feeling that someday, someone is going to question why I never review any games that have come out in the current year. Well, to that person I’d like to say it’s partly because I like destroying the innocence of people’s game-related childhood memories, and also partly because I just like how wholesome older games are in a modern context, in that they are simple affairs that don’t worry about things like online multiplayer, DLC or gratuitous amounts of mega violence. But the main reason is probably because ‘Get Bent, this is my reviewing page and I’ll review whatever the bloody hell I want’. (more…)


Darksiders – Review


Developer: Vigil Games

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Release Date: Jan 2010

When I was a little thing….. boy I suppose…. I used to be rewarded for not setting hairy people on fire with a trip to the candy store! Once there, I could choose any sweeties I wanted, even the odd tasting sherbert sold in little packets by the hooded man outside. And every time, I would choose something like a KitKat, or a Twix, or a pack of Smarties. Any sweeties really, so long as it gave me enough of a high to molest the patience of anyone in my presence. (more…)