Christmas Jumpers Are Sexy (Because Of Science)

You might have heard that a guy in a well tailored suit is the biggest turn-on for women everywhere. Or a girl with a low cut dress can drive a guy wild with passion. True as that may be, nothing stirs up the ‘ol juices better than a badly knitted, utterly horrendous looking Christmas jumper with a snowman on the front, and little bits that light up on the arms. It’s something about the way it clashes horribly with anything else that the person is wearing that does it: it messes with the hormones. Not to mention the fact that it makes you look like a sexy Christmas card from Walmart. Ooh yeah. Christmas jumpers don’t just keep you warm, they make you hot too! Here’s how: (more…)

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5 Unique Narrative Devices in the Final Fantasy Series

(WARNING: This article contains spoilers!)

If modern games like Bioshock, Journey or Gone Home have taught us anything, it is that not only does story-telling matter in games, there are ways of telling stories in games that cannot be utilized by any other medium. Telling a story through visual metaphor takes talent, and there have been some terrific examples of this.
Some of the earlier Silent Hill games come to mind here. (more…)

My Last Post (for a while)

I have to go now. My home planet needs me… (more…)

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Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination – Horror

It was with an air of exultation that I turned the last page of The Masque of Red Death and finally finished all of the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe. At 763 pages, reading this tome of 19th century writing is not a task that should be considered lightly. The language, while beautiful in an often quite twisted way, is old-fashioned and occasionally outdated. At times, reading through these tales was a slog and felt more like work than leisure. (more…)

5 Things that annoyed me about Prometheus

!!Warning!! This article contains spoilers about the film. Do not read this unless you have seen the film or do not care about having the ending ruined! (more…)

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Parappa the Rapper Vs. The Black Eyed Peas?: The Rhythm Action genre

Written on the back cover:

Experience the World’s Hottest Dance Party!

Your crew controls onscreen avatars as you dance with the Peas!
Includes Chart-Topping Tracks:
I Gotta Feeling ~ Boom Boom Pow ~ Imma Be
And Many More!

  • Learn the steps easily with seamless coaching!
  • Customize your avatar with your own style!

….All right then?
Have we seen enough?
I thought so…. (more…)

The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (and the benefits of volunteering for it)

Now, some of you dedicated blog readers may have noticed that Shamelessly Awful has been absent on the interwebs as of late.
This is not due to emotional distress or a creative meltdown.
I would even half-heartedly argue that it is not due to laziness.


This is just a rant with occasional pictures of kittens

You know something…Batman never gave up.

Even when things were really bad, when there was neon everywhere, Bat-nipples on the bat suit, and a snow-man spewing temperature related one-liners in Batman and Robin, he sucked it up and kept at it with a positive attitude. (more…)

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The 3D “Revolution”, or How Avatar raped my eyes.

This 3D business in film is getting slightly out of hand. There was a time when a 3D film in the cinema was huge, that so many people would go and see it just for the gimmick of 3D.

Fast forward to 2011 however, and more than a few people are getting sick of the trend. (more…)

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It’s time I told you what you’ve gotten yourself into…

What makes a person subscribe to a blog?

I personally have never done so, but I imagine the experience is not dissimilar to adopting a kitten. You’re massively enthusiastic about the newly established relationship at first, lavishing the thing with attention. But as time goes on and the kitten gets fatter, you pay less attention to it until eventually it becomes disgruntled and apathetic, tears up all your furniture legs and relieves itself all over the cabbages.

I don’t want my blog to relieve itself all over your cabbages.

The first book I can remember reading was called Scruffy Scroggles and featured a family of monsters, all of whom had 6 eyes and massive black hair. I quite disliked that book. The story was quite good, had something to do the youngest monster going to school, but the book itself had hard corners and I stood on it awkwardly while barefoot one day on my way to the kitchen.

The first film I can actively remember watching was the 1931 version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This sticks out particularly well in my mind because it terrified me enough to start carrying a hard plastic toy tractor to bed to protect myself from evil monkeys (which, at the time, was what I thought Mr. Hyde was).

Finally, whereas I can’t remember the name of the first videogame I ever played, I remember it had very distinct Christian overtones. You played as either a monk or a nun and had to fight the minions of evil (all in glorious 8-bit). I tried googling Christian video games to find it, but when I stumbled across “Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness”, I was physically incapable of progressing further. (A real game, I might add, which I plan on reviewing as soon as possible!)

This is a taste of the material you will be subjected to, should you subscribe to my blog.

I aim to review Literature, Film and Videogames, both old and new.
However, within each review, I want to tell a story as well, as seen above.
This is to keep you, the reader, as entertained as possible while gaining truly awful insight into these mediums of story telling.

Thank you for reading this far, I know it wasn’t easy.

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